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Airline-quality flight planning and management tools for general and business aviation.

We’re excited to launch our first aeroPaladin module  —  APIS (Advance Passenger Information System) serving the US and CARICOM nations.

Input or update your aircraft, crew, or passenger information anytime you want.

Create your APIS whenever you want by selecting from your aircraft, crew, and passengers. aeroPaladin will automatically take care of filing it three hours prior to departure.
Changes made prior to the APIS being sent three hours prior to departure will be included in that APIS.

Need to do an update after the APIS has been sent?  No problem!  Just update the info, and resend the APIS again.



Are you interested in being a Beta Tester for our launch module for APIS (Advance Passenger Information System) for US and CARICOM?

If so, please email us at  info@aeropaladin.com.  Tell us a bit about the type of flying you do, and how to contact you.



 "Safe.  Solid. Simple.  Only what you want.  On the devices you use. All in one place"

aeroPaladin is designed to provide you with airline-quality flight planning and management tools for general and business aviation.  All the tools you’ll need, in one place on virtually any device or platform.  

We are just launching our startup with the first module for APIS, so we aren’t there yet.  We will be adding modules just as quickly as we can, based on what our customers tell us is important 

We’ll be adding modules and automation for filing ICAO flight plans, flight planning, and weight and balance.  We’re designing to include the weather, charts, and flight planning information you want. 

YOU will be able to select and only pay for only the modules you want.  All modules you select will be fully integrated so that they all work together to eliminate multiple entries of the same information.

YOU will be able to select the level of automation you want.  Do you want just good ol’ manual entry and updates? Or fully integrated weather, weight and balance, and updates right up till flight time?